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We have so much fun at our weddings. It's our upmost desire to create a wedding dream come true. A happy bride and groom makes us smile.

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Wedding on the Riverwalk Blog


    Wedding Show/Open House

    February 1st, 2014, 11:00 ~ 4:00pm

    129 Woodward, San Antonio, Tx 78204


    This is a great opportunity to meet our friendly staff and greet our wonderful vendors all at one time in one place.
    Eat yummy food and cake, sit down with the wedding planner, discuss your wedding photography, listen to our great DJ, see the Riverwalk ceremony site, meet with one of our ministers, look at the linen choices and smell the wonderful flower arrangements, view our accommodations and enjoy the romantic Victorian location of The Inn on the Riverwalk.

  • Weddings on the Riverwalk

    We've had such beautiful weddings lately at the Inn on the Riverwalk - see some pics of last week's wedding.


  • Austin Wedding Market Expo in August

    Exciting news - Tina and I will be in Austin at the "Austin Wedding Market Expo in August 2013". Last year, Tina and I went to the Wedding MBA show in Las Vegas and had such a great time. Last year, we learned a lot about our marketing and connected with lots of other wedding vendors all across the united states.

    This year, we look forward again, to learn more about the wedding industry and how to make our weddings the best on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Our Wedding Riverwalk Packages

    Have you reviewed our Inn on the Riverwalk wedding packages?

    We have multiple packages already pre-made for an easy choice. However, we can custom create your dream wedding, as we can include any amenity you can imagine!

    Here's some package ideas:


    Riverwalk Ceremony Only $550+
    Site Rental, Minister & mini-rehearsal

    Riverwalk Romance $999+
    emphasis on privacy and romance

    Riverwalk Cake 'N Roses $1499+
    emphasis on flowers & mini cake reception

    Riverwalk De-Light $1999+
    emphasis on flowers, champagne, mini reception


    Riverwalk Exclusively Elegant $8999+
    emphasis on the elegance of the look and feel Riverwalk Creatively Boutique $6999+
    emphasis on theme or creativity of the look and feel

    Riverwalk Creatively Boutique $6999+
    emphasis on theme or creativity of the look and feel

    Riverwalk Casual Chic $3999+
    emphasis on the casualness of the look and feel

    We so look forward to serving you! ....

    Gratefully, Tina


  • Al Roker Entertainment-Call for Brides

    Do you want to be on TV?

    Are you an excited bride-to-be about to begin her hunt for the perfect wedding dress? Do you have a story behind your search?A major cable network is now casting women from the San Antonio & Austin, Texas areas, with larger than life personalities to come share their experiences of finding their dream dress. Whether it's opinionated family or friends, whether you're shopping for the first time or the 55th time, we want to hear all about why your story will make the cut! Ideal candidates:·The classic southern lady·Texan cowgirl·Latina.If you fit this description, we?d love to hear from you! Let us help you and share that amazing moment of finding the perfect gown for your big day! And if you buy a dress during our taping, the shop is offering FREE alterations! Please include the following info when applying, along with photos:-What's your name, age, and profession -Describe your personality-What makes you unique?- What has been the most stressful part about planning your wedding and looking for a dress?-Why do you think you'd be good on TV?-Anything else we should know about you? Send PHOTOS and SUBMISSIONS to:

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